We are bringing the Crowler® to Canada!

It’s been a busy couple of months since we opened our doors. You folks are thirsty and are keeping us busy! We’ve been working on new beers, and on getting those beers into bottles. Now we have some really exciting news, we have officially launched Crowlers® in Canada!


You call that a can? This is a can! A Crowler® is a 946 mL can filled with fresh craft beer and sold within hours, or even minutes, of packaging. The Crowler® will supplement our other forms of packaged product–bottles and growlers. It holds the freshest available beer, but unlike a growler, it has a shelf-life of up to four weeks.

Update December 2015: We have been constantly working at improving the longevity of our Crowlers, we have a new packaging line for these and continue to test them, we can proudly say that our Crowlers will last on shelves just as well as our other packaged products we have tested them months out – of course, keep them cold for maximum shelf life.

Ever find yourself near a brewery but forgot your growler at home?  Can’t decide which of the awesome beers to put in the growler you did bring?  Don’t have room at home to bring home yet another growler? That’s where the Crowler® can help.  You can still get fresh beer, or an extra fill, without having to add a growler to your collection at home.

Only available in our tasting room, the Crowler® is a single use 946 mL can that is filled and seamed one at a time in the brewery. We use a Dixie Canning table top can seamer found at a at a local auction in in Port Coquitlam. In order to to be able to seam the large format cans produced by Ball Corporation, we ordered a conversion kit from Dixie in Athens, Georgia.

Update April 2015: Our Crowlers are now available on store shelves!

How does it work?  We fill cans every morning and throughout the day as needed, right in front of you. After the can is purged of air with carbon dioxide, it is filled with beer directly off our taps. This is where the fun happens,  the seamer is turned on, we push a lever down, the can spins, and after some mechanical clicking and whirring, the the can lid is now permanently attached to the can. We affix the label and it’s ready to go out the door.

Update April 2015: We continue to improve the packaging on our Crowlers, in order to obtain maximum shelf life we no longer package these on demand, or even each morning, they are packaged weekly along with our other packaging formats.

Moody_Ales_Crowler_3 Moody_Ales_Crowler_4

We first saw these cans when Dan and I were in Denver for the Craft Brewers Conference.  The Crowler® cans were launched by Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado earlier this year and are now popping up at breweries across the United States. The cans contain 68% recycled material and are fully recyclable and returnable like any other beverage container. Their light weight makes them easier to transport and they chill faster than bottles. Unlike bottles, they also block all light which can cause off-flavours in beer. Best of all, due to the quality of the seal, they last much longer than traditional growler fills.

A big thanks goes out to Jeremy at Oskar Blues Brewery for all his help in getting us setup with the cans. Also, Matt Leslie of West Coast Canning for his help in making sure our can seamer was operating within tolerance.

Come get a Crowler®!