Guest Tap Launch with Lemon Matcha Saison

Soon we will be launching our Guest Tap at Moody Ales. The Guest Tap will feature rotating brews from collaborators including local brewers (professional and homebrewers), cooks, vintners, distillers, or whoever has a beer recipe that intrigues us. The Guest Tap brews are small test batches available only at our tasting room, so once we announce them, you’ll have to hurry in to try them!

For our first Guest Tap, we will be pouring a Matcha (Green Tea) Saison brewed at Moody Ales by local homebrewer Steve Sheldon. Steve is a member of the Tri-Cities Brew Club with Moody Ales founders Dan and Adam, which is where Dan and Adam first tried this beer and asked Steve to come brew it.

Steve has been homebrewing for three years and has brewed over thirty batches. He has brewed a variety of styles, his favourite being a Cascadian Dark Ale. For the Matcha Saison he was inspired by the earthy bitterness of the tea and thought it would pair well with a saison. According to Steve, “I figured a good dry saison would be good, as the funkiness of it would add to the earthy flavour of the tea.”

Steve’s first few attempts at pairing matcha with beer did not go smoothly (which is half the fun of homebrewing): “I did some initial experiments by adding matcha to Four Winds Saison bottles and after a rather humourous Tri-Cities Brew club meeting where I opened the beer with the powder in it, we all learned about nucleation in carbonated drinks (think Coke + Mentos).” Ultimately, Steve made a vodka matcha infusion to impart the tea flavour to his homebrew and for his Moody Ales brew, a simple hot water tea.

This traditional Belgian Saison is crisp with a moderately high level of carbonation, and finished dry giving it a wine-like mouthfeel, a little bit of funkiness in the aroma. Slightly spicy at first giving way to some hop bitterness before the earthiness of the matcha green tea, which leaves a slight lingering bitterness. Refreshing and unique.

We’ll be launching Steve’s Lemon Matcha Saison on Friday February 6th.  There is only 100L of this batch, so get in and try this awesome beer while you can!  I’m having a glass while I write this and it’s fantastic, nice job Steve – we may need to make a larger batch of this. Steve will be at the brewery to chat beer in the evening.

– Adam