Guest Tap #3 – Mario and Michael’s Foreign Export Stout

Our Guest Tap features rotating brews from collaborators including local brewers (professional and homebrewers), cooks, vintners, distillers, or whoever has a beer recipe that intrigues us. The Guest Tap brews are small test batches available only at our tasting room, so once we announce them, you’ll have to hurry in to try them!

For our third Guest Tap, we will be pouring a Foreign Export Stout brewed at Moody Ales by Michael and Mario. Michael and Mario recently entered the Tricities Brew Club’s Stout and Porter competition and placed first.  Their prize was to brew their winning recipe with Dan at Moody Ales on our pilot system.

Mario has been brewing at home since early 2014.  After convincing his wife that making their own beer would save them money (my wife fell for this one also), they picked up a starter kit from the local homebrew shop and got hooked.

Michael started brewing after realizing that brewing beer was at the intersection of his love for craft beer, gardening and cooking and has been brewing at home for about 4 years.  He even grows his own hops in his garden.

Here is what they had to say about their inspiration for the beer.

 Our 1880 Stout is based on a historical grain bill dug up from a 1960’s book which quoted an old Guinness brewer’s log by Ronald Pattinson of the ‘Shut Up About Barclay Perkins‘ blog. His final recipe, which he’s published in a guide to vintage beer, turned out fairly different from ours, aside from the grain bill. His is a lot hoppier, where as I prefer to let the malt shine.

Prior to 1880, it was illegal to brew beer with unmalted barley in the UK, as that was where the inevitable tax was levied. This meant that roasted barley, which is used in modern Guinness, could not be used.

It is a simple recipe, which I find makes the best beers. A base of British pale malt, a scoop of Amber malt, with it’s rich chocolate and coffee flavours, and a dash of Black Patent for colour and roastiness.

Worst beers they have made? Their worst beer was made together, it was a stout and involved reducing part of the wort down by half to increase caramelization, cocoa nibs and cold brewed coffee.  It ended up too acidic and bitter.  Michael says “it tasted of sadness.”

Mario mashing out.


Two pounds of backyard hops for Michael’s favourite IPA

We’ll be launching Michael and Mario’s Foreign Export Stout on Friday March 13th.  There are only 100L of this brew, so get in and try this tasty stout while it lasts!  Michael and Mario will be around Friday night if you’d like to meet the brewers or ask any questions.

– Adam