GUEST TAP #6 – Watermelon “Redwheat” IPA

Our Guest Tap features rotating brews from collaborators including local brewers (professional and homebrewers), cooks, vintners, distillers, or whoever has a beer recipe that intrigues us. The Guest Tap brews are small test batches available only at our tasting room, so once we announce them, you’ll have to hurry in to try them!

For our sixth Guest Tap, we will be pouring a watermelon wheat IPA brewed by home brewers Vince and Julio and our head brewer Dan.

Vince and Julio are local home brewers and long-time craft beer lovers. They’ve been brewing seriously for about 3 years with all grain and dabbled with a few beer kits before that. “We wanted to replicate what was being done in craft breweries at home and also try and make unique beers that we dream up.”

Best home brew to date? A “black evil midnight” Hefeweizen. Be sure to ask them about the story behind that one if you see them in the lounge. Worst brew? A chocolate coconut porter that they’ve since tweaked after learning a lot from the first one!

What was the inspiration for this guest brew? “We love this beer, it’s a summer beer with a hoppy kick. It’s what we like to have on the patio after a brew day in the summer heat. The inspiration was the love of wheat IPAs and the love of watermelon on a hot summer day!”

The beer itself has quite a bit of hops for a wheat IPA. It’s also a little unique as it uses a substantial amount of caramel/crystal wheat which gives it more body and colour than a typical wheat IPA. “We really had to test a lot to get the watermelon to come through enough to taste it. Dry hopping it at the end gives it a nice floral essence that works perfect with the watermelon.”

For this 62 IBU, 6.5% ABV recipe, the guys started with an early addition of Bravo and followed up with Citra and Centennial as finishing hops. They also included a healthy dose of dry hopping with Cascade hops. The unique combination caramel wheat malt, hop character, and essence of watermelon make this beer a must-try!

We’ll be launching the Watermelon “Redwheat” IPA on Friday, August 7th. There are only 100L of this brew, so don’t wait too long! Vince and Julio will be around the lounge to enjoy their brew with others and chat about beer!

– Dan