Staff Bio: Chris Read

Chris Read

I thought it apt that Chris, our newest hire at the time of these interviews, be the subject of my first staff profile interview. Having only been at Moody for two days, Chris was surprisingly comfortable and candid during his interview — I have a feeling he’ll fit in well here.


About Chris

Chris has been at the company for less than a week. He’s taking over for Greg as our delivery driver and, as he puts it, “miscellaneous helper”. Prior to working at Moody Ales, Chris was in a sales leadership position. As he rose through the ranks and became a leader within the company, he realized it was time for a change and quit his job to pursue his passion: making sustainable surfboards and surf-related products. Chis took this position as a means to support his 2 year old daughter who, as he puts it, “is starting to become really terrible, but [is] also still very sweet at the same time.”

I asked Chris what he does with his spare time outside of building surfboards and working here:

“I play a lot of hockey when I can.” he says, “What else do I do… yeah literally I roll around on the floor with my daughter just like, goofing around. I hang out with my family, we do a lot of travelling and garnish a lot of our wages to live music.”

The only thing that could possibly rival Chris’s self-proclaimed addiction to surfing is beer and nerding out on it. Naturally, when asked about his favourite part about working at Moody Ales, Chris cited the casual (and constant) offerings of beer samples and the warm welcome from the team.

When prompted about his favourite non-Moody Ales beer, Chris insisted that I rephrase the question to his top 3 beers. I obliged.

“I really like Deschutes’ Red Chair, on nitro if possible,” Chris starts, “I really like Lagunitas’ Day Time Session Ale and just the brand in general.”

Upon consideration, Chris submitted a third favourite: Out of San Deigo, Green Flash’s Le Freak, a Belgian Imperial IPA.

Let’s Get Weird

At this point in the interview, I began asking questions that Google spat out after a quick search for non-traditional interview questions:

Courtney: If I gave you $10 to buy me some chocolate milk, and it only cost $3, what would you buy with the extra $7?

Chris: And I could spend it anywhere?


Oh boy. Um, I’d probably buy as much pizza as I can from Fresh Slice. [Laughter]

Fresh Slice only tastes good when you’re drunk!

Yeah, I know, this is true, but if I’m working at a brewery now… I guess that’s my final answer.

Would you rather never be able to drink beer again, or be able to drink beer but every time you drank, it would taste horrible?


I would rather not drink.

Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?

I’m gonna say Batman. Way more money, resources, cool technology.

[sceptically] Yeah, okay, okay

Why, what do you think?

I don’t know, which iteration of Spiderman and Batman are you thinking of?

I’m thinking new age-y.

Like Tobey McGuire Spiderman? He would get his ass kicked.

No I’m thinking like… who’s that guy from American Psycho… Christian Bale as Batman. The guy’s got a ton of resources, all kinds of crazy spy gear… not spy gear but like super high tech armour. Tobey McGuire ruined Spiderman for me.

A penguin walks into that door right now, he’s wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

Penguin… sombrero… walks in… [In a Mexican accent] “Hola amigo! Why is it so chilly in here?”

Turning the Tables

Because I am conducting staff interviews and writing profiles, I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to ask me a few interview questions. Chris asked me the first, middle, and final questions I asked him:

Chris: Tell me about yourself

Courtney: I did a six year degree in business for marketing and Human Resources! I met Adam when I was looking into doing consulting and he and Dan were working at Habanero together. Nothing came out of that, they didn’t have time to bring on an intern so I just went on my way. Two years later, it came up on my LinkedIn feed that Adam had started this brewery so I thought, “sweet! It’s only ten minutes away from me, I should go learn about the industry!” because I wasn’t sure I wanted to do consulting anymore. So I come in and I talk to Adam. He’s asks, “so are you graduating?” I said, “yes”, and he said “we’re kind of looking for someone too” so yeah, that’s kind of what happened. It was just good timing.

In my spare time, I play music. I play guitar, I play ukulele, I can play bass about as well as a guitar player can play bass. I know how to play a basic rock beat, but I wouldn’t call myself a drummer. And piano. I’ve played piano my whole life. I also knit, crochet and cross stitch.

Stitch and bitch!

Yeah, exactly! My cousin and I get together for stitch and bitch. What else do I do… I’m a rock climber!

Cool, cool. What kind of music do you like to play?

A little bit of everything. It ranges, like pop music to country music to indie music. Yeah, I think the only thing I don’t play is probably metal.

If I gave you $10 to buy chocolate milk what would you do with the extra $7?

I’d probably buy more beer, to be honest.

A penguin walks into that door right now, he’s wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

He’s here for a party. His cruise ship docked in Vancouver. It was headed for Mexico, he got off one stop too soon, and now he’s going to have some beer with us!

Right on.

That’s Chris in a nutshell! Stay tuned for more staff bio’s.

– Courtney