Guest Tap #12 – Brian’s Sleepytime Kolsch

Oct. 1 2016

Our Guest Tap features rotating brews from collaborators including local brewers (professional and homebrewers), cooks, vintners, distillers, or whoever has a beer recipe that intrigues us. The Guest Tap brews are small test batches available only at our tasting room, so once we announce them, you’ll have to hurry in to try them!

Our last guest tap was a Weizenbock by Brian Menges, who is also the brewing mastermind behind this next guest tap: Brian’s Sleepytime Kolsch! I had a chance to sit down with Brian and talk beer.

Courtney: I know it’s only been five months since your last guest tap with us, but have you learned any new homebrewing lessons in that period of time?

Brian: I’ve learned that keeping things simple is better, and to not over complicate recipes.

Courtney: What are your current go-to beers?

Brian: Moody Ales IPA, Twin Sales Pilsner, Old Jalopy from Powell Street, and probably the Red Pilsner from Steel + Oak.

Courtney: Do you have any guilty pleasure beers?

Brian: Occasionally I’ll have some PBR.

Courtney: What was the inspiration for your Sleepytime Kolsch.

Brian: With the kolsch, I wanted to do something for the spring or summer, light and easy to drink. I was in the brew shop buying my ingredients and I thought, “let’s do something different!” so I decided to try it.

Courtney: Tell us about this beer.

Brian: The beer is light and refreshing with floral and herbal aromas. I kept the hop bitterness low to accentuate the sweetness from the chamomile, giving it almost a slightly honey taste. All in all, I’d say it is a great substitute for sleepy time tea!

Brian’s Sleeytime Kolsch has an ABV of 5.1% and an IBU of 25. It will be on tap Saturday, October 1st while quantities last in the Moody Ales tasting room!

– Courtney