Guest Tap #14 – Oatmeal Stout From The Soon-To-Be-Open-For-Business Gibsons Tapworks!

For those of you that follow our Guest Tap series, you know that we take much pride in profiling the great beers produced by the homebrew community. This time, we bring you something a little different. Guest Tap #14 is a sneak preview into a lineup of commercial beers from Gibsons Tapworks, soon to hit the coastal community of Gibsons, BC.

As it so happens, it all started one night at Moody Ales. A friend of mine, Warren, sat in the tasting lounge with his wife, sipping beer, pondering a career change, when it came to him — open a brewery in Gibsons where much of his family already resides and where he can raise a family of his own. Warren approached me with the idea and a few bottles of his homebrew. Based on the quality of the beer and the questions he was asking it was clear from the start that he was going to make it happen. He teamed up with two partners, Neil and Geoff, and set about identifying a vision and set of values that would help them establish a brand and lineup of beers.

From there it was a familiar story: secure some financing, find a place, build it out — all the while fine-tuning the recipes. In order to get some hands on experience, Warren and Neil spent a good part of the summer at Moody Ales getting their hands dirty, pitching in wherever they could. It turns out they were so helpful that I don’t think we could have made it through the crazy busy summer without them!

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The trio then spent the fall getting everything ready for the equipment to arrive. From personal experience I can say this is one of the most exciting yet stressful stages of the process. A lot can go wrong here but I am pleased to say that as of the time of this writing, the equipment is now in place, and all seems to be going well.

Despite being insanely busy, the boys found time to come over to the mainland and brew one of their recipes on our pilot system. For us, this was exciting as it was something we had talked about from the beginning and it meant they were getting really close to their launch date.

So without further ado, I present to you, the HWY 102 Oat Stout from Gibsons Tapworks. This beer has a smooth roast character with a touch of sweetness. The rounded mouthfeel is attributed to a healthy dose of oats and the slight chocolate roast flavour is a result of the roast barley and pale chocolate malts. With an ABV of 5.0% and IBU of 22, this is a beer you can sit down with and spend some time.

From all of us at Moody Ales, we want to congratulate the boys at Gibsons Tapworks for their incredibly hard work, and relatively short turnaround time on achieving their goal! We are excited to be launching this beer on their behalf and even more excited for the great beers we expect to see coming out of their brewery sometime in mid-February!


PS: You can follow their progress, including their own blog series, at: