Opening Hours

Opens @11AM


Do you have a tasting area at your brewery?

Yes we do! We have a lounge in the brewery where you can come and have a flight,glass or pint. Our flights start at $7.00, and most of our beers are $4.75 a glass or $7.00 for a pint. We also have an outdoor picnic area where you can enjoy our beer in the sun, whenever we actually see it!

Do you offer anything other than beer, or gluten free options in your tasting area?

Absolutely! We have a selection of BC produced wines from small craft wineries, as well as craft cider. We unfortunately do not offer Gluten free beer as we would need to have an entirely gluten free production process to do it properly, and well, we'd want to do it right.

Do you do Growler fills? Um.. What is a Growler?

Yes we do offer Growler fills. Growlers are reusable glass containers that come in 32oz and 64oz sizes. You purchase the size of your choice for $4 or $6 respectively and you own the jar - it is not a deposit. The cost to fill your growler with most of our beers is $7.50 for a 32oz and $13 for a 64oz. This allows you to get fresh, locally handcrafted beer while keeping the amount of packaging used to a minimum.

How long does a growler last?

Growlers will last quite a while if kept sealed, but we recommend you open them within a week of purchasing and drink the beer within a day of opening it - if it lasts that long!

Do we fill other brewery growlers?

Yes we do. We'll fill almost anything that is either 32oz or 64oz and can hold pressure as long as we have a lid that will fit. Just make sure your growler is clean and we'll take care of the rest.

How should I clean my growler?

Cleaning your growler is very important. If left long enough, a small amount of beer will turn into vinegar, ruining your growler and the beer you put in it next. It's easy to clean, after you empty it, rinse it with warm water immediately - no soap is needed, allow to air dry. Rinse your lid also and bring it back with you - we'll inspect it and replace it if necessary.

Can I rent a keg for my party, wedding, office or home?

Absolutely. We have kegs starting at $100 plus taxes depending on how much beer you will need. We can rent you everything you need to be able to pour beer at your event. Your friends will be doing keg stands in no time! At this time we cannot accomodate walk-in keg orders, please send an email to or call 604.492.3911 ext 1 to check for availability and to reserve your keg.

Do you sell bottles or cans?

We sure do! We offer most of our products in 650ml bottles, 946mL Crowlers (cans) and some of our products are also available in six packs of 355ml cans. They are available at the brewery and a growing number of liquor stores - check out our beer finder page to find a store near you.

I don't see prices for bottles or cans on your website, why not?

I know, we wish we could! As we don't set the price of our beer outside of our tasting lounge we can't tell you what the price will be at your local liquor store.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately due to Fraser Health regulations, we cannot allow dogs inside the brewery. They are allowed on our outdoor picnic area, and we have a water bowl so that they don't feel left out.

Can I bring my kids?

We are absolutely family friendly, your kids will likely be sitting next to ours. Ask our staff for some crayons - and get some for the kids as well.

Do you have food?

Although we don't have a kitchen, we have plenty of snacks from many local producers, from pepperoni sticks to chacuterie boards we've got you set. Looking for something more? Feel free to bring your dinner with you, or have something delivered to you in the lounge. Check out our home page for upcoming food trucks, we generally have a food truck a few days a week.

Do you offer tours of the brewery?

We can book a private tour for you and your friends given enough notice. Email to reserve your spot and for more details!

Do you sell gift certificates?

We do! You can purchase gift certificates in our lounge for any denomination.

Do you take reservations? Can i have my birthday party at your brewery?

Although we do not take reservations, we do have very limited availability in the slower seasons for private party bookings. For pricing and availability please send an email to If you are a non profit or community group, looking for a weekday booking we may be able to waive the rental - send us a note to find out if your group qualifies!