Code of Conduct

Moody Ales & Co is committed to creating and maintaining a community where diversity and inclusion are prioritized. Our beer and our spaces are meant to unify members of our community regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ability, age or any other status. 

Beer is a great unifier of people, and the craft beer industry in BC has been built on a foundation of collaboration, cooperation and community. We take great pride in upholding the building blocks of our craft, and to ensure it continues to thrive in a manner that is ethical, sustainable and inclusive. 

We commit to the following: 

  • We will not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind. 
  • We will make Moody Ales & Co a safe and welcoming place for our employees, customers, partners and members of our community. 
  • We will extend our safe space to include any external event we attend. 
  • We will continue to promote cooperation and collaboration in our community. 
  • We will actively support organizations and groups that foster inclusion and diversity. 
  • We will provide ongoing education and training to better support our community. 
  • We will do business in a respectful and ethical manner.

We expect all of our employees to uphold our values. Violations of our Code of Conduct will be fully investigated, and corrective action will be taken where appropriate, ranging from employee coaching to termination of employment. 

We also expect our community partners and customers to share our values. We will cease doing business with anyone who engages in bullying, harassment or discrimination, or who operates in an unethical manner. Likewise, customers who violate our Code of Conduct can face refusal of service.

Moody Ales & Co is set on fostering a culture of open, honest and respectful dialogue about diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Employees with questions or concerns about our Code of Conduct can speak with management directly. It is every employee’s duty to report any breach of our Code of Conduct to a member of management, including instances of discrimination, harrassment or violence in the workplace. 

This Code of Conduct was created by Moody Ales & Co for Moody Ales & Co and its community.