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Beer Made for Everybody

At Moody Ales & Co. we believe the right combination of ingredients makes something delicious. The right combination of people makes something spectacular.

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& Co. Stands...

For an incredible community of locals & team members who we’re proud to support. 

For uncommon combinations of ingredients & flavours you can’t find anywhere else.

For collaborations with artists & brands that help us offer exciting new experiences.  

For the collective of brewers who inspire us to push boundaries & break the rules.

Brewing Process

Brewing beer is a creative process that starts with the desire to capture a feeling or recreate an interesting flavour. The steps we take might be familiar, but the ingredients and techniques we use make every beer something out of the ordinary.

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    Our Philosophy

    Connecting with people over beer is what we do best. From the ingredients we choose to our production techniques, the way we brew reflects our desire to make beer that our community is excited about.

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    Every beer begins with a what if. Our brewers constantly dream up new concepts to push the boundaries of what beer can be and get to work sourcing ingredients that will make it into a reality.

  • beer brewing


    We’re interested in the unexpected and driven to find ways to do everything better than we have before. Our endlessly iterative brewing process is always in the middle of its next evolution.

  • people cheersing beers


    Great beer should bring people together, not make them feel left out. We believe in using our craft beer expertise to create remarkably delicious beverages that everyone will enjoy drinking.

We added Co. to our name because Moody Ales has always been about bringing our community together over unique ingredients & remarkable flavours. Here’s to more creativity, more delicious drinks & more friends around the table.

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