Moody Ales &

Co. stands for uncommon combinations of ingredients & flavours you can’t find anywhere else.

Flavour Combinations

  • Water

    Minerals in water change a beer’s mouthfeel. Our local water is a blank canvas for the flavours we want to develop. We also make bespoke water to get the effect we’re looking for.

  • Malt

    Specially selected cereals like barley, rice, oats, and corn build a foundation of flavour and aroma. Malt provides sugar for yeast during fermentation, promoting deeper complexity.

  • Hops

    Hop flowers deliver a kaleidoscope of flavours and aromas from bitter and dank to juicy and floral. They’re added at different points during brewing to alter the beer’s character.

  • Yeast

    A curation of yeast and bacterial cultures transform all of the other ingredients into beer through fermentation. Sugars turn into alcohol and the beer’s personality comes through.

Brewing Process

Brewing beer is a creative process that starts with the desire to capture a feeling or recreate an interesting flavour. The steps we take might be familiar, but the ingredients and techniques we use make every beer something out of the ordinary.

  • Brewing

    Carefully selected malt kernels are turned into mash and steeped until syrupy-sweet wort can be separated and boiled. Hops are added, bringing complexity to the developing flavour profile.

  • Fermentation

    The brew is cooled and the addition of yeast and bacterial cultures begins fermentation. Yeast thrives in the sugary mix, creating an aromatic alcoholic liquid with distinctive flavour.

  • Conditioning

    Finally, the beer is left to mature for a few hours to a few months, giving the beer its unique personality. To finish the flavour off, carbonation comes in just before the beer is packaged.

hands pouring beer into glass

Beer making is a creative process with endless possibilities that starts in our imaginations and ends up in your glass.

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