Co. stands for the collective of brewers who inspire us to push boundaries & break the rules.

We’re inspired by other people’s beer, taking notes on new techniques & approaches. Coming together generates better ideas that make better beer.

Brewers Support

We regularly support other brewers in their businesses. From distribution and accounting tips to recipe development, we love sharing our knowledge with beer makers at any stage.

Supply Share

Whether you’re running low on hops and malt or need a hand with keg washing and bottling, we’re happy to lend a helping hand to brewers in our community when they’re in a pinch.

Academy Brewing

Our owners, husband and wife duo Michael and Stacie, craft to create beers that appeal to their distinct (and sometimes opposing) tastes. Each brew is where their palettes meet in the middle.

Brewers Row

We set up shop in 2014, just after Yellow Dog Brewing opened down the street. Since then, Twin Sails Brewing and Parkside Brewery have enriched the row with their distinctive tasting rooms and diverse beer selections. Most recently, The Bakery Brewing has joined our growing collective of exceptional BC breweries. Explore other must-visit beer spots in our community over on The BC Ale Trail.