Moody Ales &

Co. stands for an incredible community of locals & team members who we’re proud to support.

Family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues come together over our brews. Creating delicious beer & cultivating connection is how we give back to the community that uplifts us.

Our People

We’re extremely proud of our endlessly creative and extremely caring team. Without them, Moody Ales & Co. wouldn’t be the community hub it’s grown into over the years.


  • Michael Watson

    Brewery owner, beer lover, and baby holder, Michael is a proud father and husband who also happens to be the boss around here. He’s as passionate about delicious beer as he is about making everyone feel like family.

  • Will Tanenbaum

    Part operations manager, part mad scientist, Will brings imagination and deep brewing knowledge to the team. A shadowy past in rodeo and forgery gives him an air of mystery, but he tells all if he’s talking beer.

  • Martin Heaney

    Head of s[ales], Martin is an avid beer advocate to the core. Born and bred in B.C., there’s nothing he loves more than a picturesque hike with his wife and baby daughter capped off with an ice-cold West Coast IPA.

  • Nick Andersen

    Nick is the mastermind behind our logistics and distribution team. He’s currently diving in to spearhead community engagement. Be warned, he gives big bear hugs and will absolutely melt in the presence of any dog.

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Good Night Out

Moody Ales & Co is committed to creating and maintaining a community where diversity and inclusion are prioritized. Our beer and our spaces are meant to unify members of our community regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ability, age, or any other status.

We are certified by Good Night Out and you can learn more in our Code of Conduct.

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Our events help us connect with our community. We showcase live music, host weekly gatherings like trivia night, and put on seasonal events that bring the whole family together.