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Moody Lagers Pack






Meet our Moody Lagers Mix Pack:

  • Premium: A lean and balanced Japanese-style rice lager that finishes dry and crisp. Champagne in colour with sparkling effervescence, this beer is subtle, refined, and crushable.
  • Holler: Our take on the historical Kentucky Common is easy-going and easy-drinking. This beer has a rich, hickory colour and is loaded with toasted and caramel flavours balanced with medium hop bitterness.
  • Clara: A brilliantly zesty Mexican-style lager that’s dry and snappy. Brewed with Pilsen, Corn, and Munich malts, this beer’s bright notes are balanced with big flavours of corn bread. Beautifully gold in colour, our Clara lager is a beach sunset in beer form.
  • Viva: Inspired by the revolutionary Italian pilsners that came before, this beer strives for complexity and nuance. Bitterness is restrained, while aromatic German hops take center stage. Viva Italian Pilsner!